Washington-based Retailer - Customer Behavior Analytics using Machine Learning

We helped a Washington based retailer to understand the customer sentiments from their customer support requests to improve service quality.

It helped them to gain the best customer satisfaction ratings (4.8/5) on online markets like Amazon.

The Challenges

The key challenges were -

  • Needed differentiator in a crowded market
  • Difficulties in Monitoring and managing multiple marketplaces across the globe in different timezones
  • 1000+ existing customers
  • No disruption in the existing sales process

Coreview’s Solution

CoreView team built a Machine learning empowered system to prioritize the escalations based on sentiments detected in the requests.

  • Complete Abstraction of eCommerce Marketplaces
  • Automated Data capture from marketplaces
  • Automated Workflows for Inventory, Offers, Replacements
  • Mine Customer Data across Tickets, blogs, emails, social
  • Customer sentiment analysis: ML, NLP
  • Notifications - proactive customer actions

The Results – Transformed Customer Experience

This helped the company to bring a great customer experience with -

  • CSAT improved to 4.8 / 5 on Amazon
  • 25% Reduction in Customer Service and Support cost
  • This helped them to increase new sales and reduce costs, improving the bottom line

Improved CSAT to 4.8/5 using customer-centric innovation.

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