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Token Junction is a queue management platform for restaurants, banks, clinics and other customer service locations, running successfully globally supporting 150,000+ users.

This helps businesses like consultancies, services centers, restaurants etc. to manage their customers effectively while reducing the queue management resources.

The Challenges

The key challenges were -

  • Managing customer wait times to avoid loss of business.
  • Ensuring high customer service levels
  • Manpower overheads to manage waiting customers
  • Effective management of overcrowding, noise levels and lines

Coreview’s Solution

CoreView built a solution with below features.

  • A cloud based SaS platform to automate customer wait time management
  • Accessible anytime anywhere from a thin client owned by customer- iPad, tablet, mobile
  • Transparent queue management and SMS updates with queue position
  • Extensible to various verticals (hospitality, healthcare, etc.), with multiple service channels

The Results - Transformed Customer Experience

This helped the company to bring a great customer experience with -

  • Creation of no wait zones and quieter waiting areas, drastic improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Increase customer volume without adding capacity or infrastructure
  • Reduced overhead and costs
  • In depth business analytics to drive growth

Saved thousands of man hours of customers waiting for meetings/appointments.

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